Our History


A technical sheet for each pack of olives

Satisfied with the restyling of the packaging, it was natural to think about the creation of a series of technical data sheets with quality photographs, which completed the brochure just created. For each new package, the pool of hired professionals created photos and relative data sheet indicating the organoleptic characteristics of the olives and precious culinary combinations. For the first time the entire catalog was produced in Italian and English, we had all the weapons to lead our sales force towards ambitious projects in Italy and why not also abroad...


Our olives delivered with style

To complete the work, we decided to carry out the restyling also on the entire Company Fleet, since from the very beginning of the activity we had rightly focused a lot on the image of our vehicles that traveled daily on the Italian motorways. Even if the way of communicating had profoundly changed compared to the 1980s, the new integrated corporate image could not exclude our vehicles...


Everyone is crazy about olives

We supplied the food industries with the raw material ready for subsequent processing, our assortment in catering packs to wholesalers, our products for sale by weight or packs with our brand ready for retail sale to large-scale distribution. The new catalog highlighted the packaging, indicated the technical characteristics of the various references, the market in the 90s was very receptive ... All this stimulated us more and more in seeking new solutions useful to establish ourselves as a leading company in the olive market. table.


A new and attractive packaging for Ficacci olive

Our business started with importing table olives for the food industry, over the years had became focused in large-scale retail trade. In order to deliver a highly visible product the further necessary step was to reshape our packaging image in order to be easily recognizable on the shelves by our clients...


Certified olives...

The market needs and the amount of work acquired led to the decision to become certified, the time had come to map and keep the various business processes under control. Obtaining the quality certification would have given us an added value compared to competitors on the market, and would have been a further guarantee of the quality of our products.It was not easy to start up and fully implement the regulation and documentation process of the entire supply chain, but soon everything was monitored and recorded ... From the purchase of olives from suppliers to delivery to customers.


The new factory

Over the years, with the growth of the business volume and with the increase of employees, the need to expand the spaces and have a structure able to support our company needs now present on everything became increasingly evident. the national market, which looked to foreign markets as a further possibility of expansion. Although the "Colle Erminio" plant represented the workplace where it all began with my father in 1964, it was necessary to start thinking about a new plant that would complement the old structure. Thus we began to clash with permits, bureaucracy and paperwork of all kinds ... But our project was very clear and no one could stop us.


50 years of business

The current year we celebrate 50 Years of Business ... between important milestones and constructive setbacks we’re here offering our customers the best of 50 years of business. I have mentioned the most decisive stages of my professional life inevitably linked to my personal one ... proud of what I’ve created together with my wife, looking in the eyes of my grandchildren I hope that soon they will also grow a dream and realize it. "Our happiness relies not only on our current joy but also on our hopes and on our memories ..."