Our History


Romeo Ficacci s.r.l.

We started as Individual Firm, but as our turnover increased and we searched for a more suitable company structure, we turned to a notary to establish Romeo Ficacci srl. On February 17, 1988, everything was falling into place as anticipated. Our diligent efforts were beginning to yield results, laying down a strong foundation for our future endeavors. With the creation of the new company, we foresaw significant growth in turnover, equipped with the essential tools to further expand our business. It promised us all an additional layer of security.


Bilateral collaboration with the Bruschini Family

In those years, we started a solid bilateral collaboration with the Bruschini Family - one of the most significant Gaeta olive producers - and it continues today after almost forty years. The collaboration immediately became a genuine friendship between me, Mario, and Ernesto, so much so that we became involved with all our families. Collaboration is not just about conducting business but also about connecting with individuals who share similar values. Later, we successfully collaborated on the PDO challenge regarding the Gaeta olives.


Invest to grow

We evolved into a fully-fledged company, recognizing that investments were key to fostering our growth. Through diversifying distribution channels and providing meticulous customer support, we bolstered our capacity for merchandise management and invested in machinery to kickstart production of our inaugural packaging.


The variety of our product range

We processed over 4000 tons of carefully selected olives sourced from Greece, Spain, Morocco, and, of course, Italian groves. While some of these products were sold with their original logos, others were repackaged in our facility under the Ficacci brand. Despite this, we still lacked a clear representation.


A new corporate image to increase competitiveness

Inspired by our extensive inventory and influenced by major players in the food distribution sector, we sought to establish a distinctive corporate identity, starting with a redesign of our logo. To achieve this, we enlisted the expertise of Gianni Maglione, one of Rome's most renowned designers


Olives ready to eat

We were looking for an image that represented us, needing a graphic element to imply that our offering concerned table olives and not olive oil. The sketch of the hand and fork immediately seemed to us a perfect match, simple and impactful, conveying the genuineness of a product ready to be enjoyed. It perfectly aligned with the motto of those times: "olives ready-to-eat".


A unique image

"Form is substance," and we could not be any different. We needed clear and consistent communication. As we expanded nationally, it was crucial to develop a carefully crafted image that best represented our dedication and the quality of our work. Volumes in catering, industry, and the large-scale retail sector were increasing, and our sales force needed effective tools to engage with stakeholders who were increasingly attentive to image and well-informed about our sector.


Baresane Olives in 250g Packages

We began manufacturing 250g packs under the new Ficacci brand. The work was entirely manual and required great accuracy. The Baresane olives, after being debittered inside cement tanks and oxidized, were salted for twelve hours, before being carefully packed, weighed, and sealed with a red ribbon. The finished packs were placed in small wooden trays, containing twenty units. Every step demanded precision, and the final product was of the highest quality and ready for consumption.


A new graphic design for Ficacci olives

After the creation of the new catalog and the initial positive feedback from customers, it became clear that the packaging needed a redesign. It was necessary to move away from the old "look," which I was personally very attached to but that objectively appeared a bit outdated compared to the emerging market demands. The new logo, both impressive and elegant, deserved packaging that matched its stature. Thus, we decided to entrust a team of professionals with the redesign of the entire range.