Our History


Romeo Ficacci s.r.l.

We started as Individual Firm, the turnover and the search for a company form more suited to our needs, led us to a notary for the establishment of Romeo Ficacci srl. It was February 17, 1988, things were going as they should go, our efforts were starting to pay off, the foundations were solid and the new company would allow us to grow in terms of turnover by providing us with the tools necessary to further increase our turnover; we would all have had an extra security...


Invest to grow

Being a fully-fledged company we started taking advantage of ourselves, aware that only financial investiments would have improved our growth. The great array of distribution channels and our extensive network brought an increase of both goods-handling equipment and modern packaging machinery


The variety of our product range

We handled more than 4000 tons of selected olives coming from Greece, Spain, Marocco and obviously Italian groves. A segment of these product was sold with their original logos while a part was repacked in our plant under Ficacci’s brand. We still lacked of an explicit image...


A new corporate image to increase competitiveness

Following our remarkable inventory and taking cue from th big names of the food distribution, we organized an explicit image for our company starting with the reshaping of our logo. We got in touch with Gianni Maglione, one of Rome’s most acknoweledged designers.


Olives ready to eat

There was the need of an adequate detail capable of diversifying our offer from the olive oil business. The hand-fork draft was perceived as a great match: it highlighted the authenticity of a product immediately ready to be enjoyed. It perfectly combined the expression of those days: "olives ready -to-eat"a...


A unique image

"Form is substance" and we could not be outdone. We needed univocal communication, we were a company that was starting to present itself nationally and it was necessary to leave room for a studied image that well represented the work we were carrying out. Volumes were growing in catering, in industry and GDO and there was a need for a functional tool for our sales force that was starting to interface with interlocutors who are increasingly attentive to the image and more prepared for our sector...


A new graphic design for Ficacci olives

After the creation of the new catalog, and with the first positive returns from customers, it was immediately clear that the packages needed a restyling. It became necessary to abandon that "dress" to which I was personally very attached which, objectively, however, was a bit dated compared to what the market was starting to demand. The new logo, imposing and elegant at the same time, deserved a "packaging" at its height and so we decided to entrust it to a team of professionals the creation of the entire range...