Our History



The year after the birth of her first child, the Stork knocked again on the door of the Ficacci house and we joyfully welcomed the newcomer,Giuseppe. As soon as my wife and I were born, we immediately understood that his enterprising character would make everything more challenging, but Giuseppe would certainly have given us great satisfaction. Raising two children together was one of the greatest challenges I have ever faced.


Corporate image has always been a priority.

With the D.P.R. 627 of 1978, Italian law introduced the obligation of a transport document identifying the goods. After inserting my "brand" on the packaging, I decided to also align the documents and taking advantage of the opportunity, I integrated the logo on the bubble so that it would remain etched in the minds of my customers. Just as the brand began to have visibility, I realized that it was no longer in line with the image I wanted to communicate, that stylized logo seemed outdated to my eyes...


A new logo to renew the company image

With media strategies and marketing trends changing radically our logo had done its time. After consulting with my wife and Guido it was time to renew the brand. My idea was to keep the key elements: the olives and the initials (RF). Following some voted out drafts we found what was to become the new logo. This involved engraving the new image on all products and documents..



And after Umberto and Giuseppe, a little girl in the Ficacci house arrives. On the eve of Christmas 1980 my wife gave us the most beautiful of gifts, the daughter we wanted and that the Lord unexpectedly gave us. Now the family was really complete, two little boys who would defend the little one of the house and together they would carry on my dream...


Immediate deliveries... a priority.

The number of customers increased and with them the orders, however, it became more complex to deliver the goods within the pre-established times. I therefore decided to renew and increase the company fleet by purchasing new vehicles in order to respect delivery times. In those days, communication was not yet our priority, but it soon became...


The office expands. The collaboration with Giancarlo begins.

Fortunately, the work increased, along with obviously all the bureaucratic tasks and accounting. With Guido we decided to find another collaborator able to help us in the management of all the administrative procedures that crowded our desks. It was then that a young boy, still a student at the time, started working with us. With the arrival of Giancarlo, the company acquired an element that proved to be fundamental in the continuation of its history.


The truck: a business card

The market was responsive, clients were building up and request for our products kept growing steadily. It was the right moment to enahnce, distinguish and promote our brand. Since 1986 we started depicting the logo on our vehicles. What a great delight to see our fleet moving fast every day on the major routes, ready to serve our customers, promoting our brand...