Our History


The birth of Giuseppe

The year after our first child's birth, the Stork knocked on the Ficacci family's door again, and we happily embraced the arrival of little Giuseppe. Right from the start, my wife and I could sense his adventurous spirit would add an extra dash of excitement to our lives. While raising two children together presented one of the most formidable challenges I've ever faced, we were certain that Giuseppe's dynamic character would bring us not only difficulties but also immense joy and fulfillment."


Corporate image has always been a priority.

With the enactment of D.P.R. 627 in 1978, Italian law mandated the use of a transport document for goods identification. Following the inclusion of my "brand" on the packaging, I opted to align the accompanying documents as well. Seizing the opportunity, I integrated the logo onto the bubble, aiming to leave a lasting impression on my customers. As the brand gained visibility, it dawned on me that the stylized logo no longer aligned with the image I aimed to convey; in my eyes, it appeared outdated.


A new logo to renew the company image

Around 10 years after its creation, the company logo had become outdated. Observing the rapid shifts in communication trends, I, along with my wife and Guido, agreed it was time for a revamp. I wanted to maintain the core elements - the olives and the initials (RF) - while injecting a modern twist. After reviewing several drafts and discarding numerous ideas, we finally settled on the new emblem. This decision also meant rethinking the branding across all packaging and corporate documents...


Lucia, the youngest in the family

After Umberto and Giuseppe, a baby girl came into the Ficacci household. On Christmas Eve 1980, my wife gave us the most precious gift: the daughter we had wished for, unexpectedly granted by the Lord. Now the family was complete, with two little boys ready to defend the youngest at home and together, to pursue my dream...


Immediate deliveries... a priority.

The increase in customers and orders made it more challenging to meet delivery deadlines, so I decided to upgrade our company's fleet by purchasing new vehicles. Initially, communication wasn't a top priority, but soon we realized its crucial importance.


The collaboration with Giancarlo begins

Fortunately, the work increased, along with obviously all the bureaucratic tasks and accounting. With Guido we decided to find another collaborator able to help us in the management of all the administrative procedures that crowded our desks. It was then that a young boy, still a student at the time, started working with us. With the arrival of Giancarlo, the company acquired an element that proved to be fundamental in the continuation of its history.


The truck: a business card

The market was expanding, with loyal customers and a steadily increasing demand for our products. It was the perfect time to strengthen and promote our brand. Starting from 1986, we began sponsoring vehicles with our logo. It was gratifying to see our fleet regularly traversing the main roads, ready to serve our key customers and spread the name of our company.