Beautiful olives, with no tricks!

Olive Bars

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Following the breaking news of 3 February 2016, regarding the artificial colouring carried out on olives, we believe it’s necessry to ASSURE our customers about the TOTAL NATURALNESS of the color of our products - previously declared in this article - we believe it’s also crucial to INFORM our followers, with the necessary information in order to recognize and safely buy NOT COLOURED OLIVES.

NATURAL COLOURS of olives are mainly FOUR:


Olives picked unripe and processed through the Sevillian method (water, salt and sodium hydroxide during the de-bittering stage)


  Olives picked when almost ripe and processed through the natural method (only water and salt... slow-food)


  Completely unripe olives processed through the Castelvetrano method (water, salt and sodium hydroxide during the sweetening process). During the life cycle of the product the green colour naturally fades to yellow tones


  Olives picked when completely ripe and processed through the natural method (only water and salt...slow-food)

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