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Olive Bars

  • Safety (COVID-19 ALERT)
    Studies confirm the disease spreads with droplets released by nose and mouth. Transmission is possible only through direct contact with the surfaces where the droplets land.
  • Store Footprint
    Valuable retail space missed for cross-merchandising.
  • Labor
    Deli managers waste time and money to setup, refresh and take down.
To be sure to serve to you the best product, in the best packaging conditions, we are selecting several companies that can provide us safe products. A fruit of this selection is the business relationship between Ficacci and SIDAC... the Sidaccompany was born in 1929 and operates in the sector of the cellophane, landing at the end of the eighties in the sector of the packaging and optimizing, therefore, the experience matured in seventy years of activity. Even today our business values are: professionalism, technological search, innovation, maximum efficiency and strong enthusiasm. Sidac young staff, educated and continually adjourned, has adapted the values Sidac, always operating according to two strategic objectives: QUALITY AND FLEXIBILITY. The company has realized in the time a notable plan of investments, culminated in the years 2003/2004 with 8 million of Euro, aiming to an intense development in the future, with the ambition to have a protagonist role in the sector of the Packaging through Research and Development of new wrappers and in the Labeling through the production of the most sophisticated types of labels.
Certifications: The company, already certified Iso 9002/94 from 1995, has been Certified the 22nd of July 2003, according to the norms UNI ISO 9001/2000 (Vision 2000) and it now maintains her certification through the Certificate Agency TÜV. Moreover, Sidac received also the BRC Certification on December, 2008.