• Nocellara Etnea olives

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... a really tasty
the fruits are generally elliptical with an elongated tip, the color
goes from yellow to green. Nocellara Etnea is naturally aged, in water
and salt, for at least eight months, according to the traditional
processing method we call “al Naturale”.
UnlikeNocellara del Belice, this cultivar can’t be dibittered and sweetened under“Castel Vetrano” method.

This cultivar is vigorous and rustic, it has a rapid and early
vegetative growth. Productivity is high and alternating and the
resistance to detachment of the pulp from the stone is high enough.

There are several synonyms for this cultivar:
Bianca, Forte, Ghiandalora, Marmorina, Nocellaia, Nociara, Oliva di Paternò, Paisana, Pizzutedda, Turtedda, Virdusedda.

The following shapes are available today:

and cracked.

Nocellara Etnea olive trees grow along the Sicilia’s east coast. This area primarily includes the towns on the slopes of Mount Etna Volcano as well as Catania and Paternò, but it tends to spread to the provinces of
Messina, Siracusa,
Ragusa and Enna.