• Leccino Olives

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... the most appropriate
olives for cooking,
the fruits are
generally elliptical, the color is from purple
to brown. Leccino is naturally aged, in water
and salt, for at least eight months, according
to the traditional processing method we call
al Naturale”.
With this process we obtain a very feauturing
taste, different from each other olive.

Leccino has dual-attitude: oil and mess. Productivity
is high and constant. Fruits Maturation is early
and contemporary. The separation of the pulp
from the stone is easy.

There are three synonyms for this cultivar:
Leccio, Premice, Silvestrone.

The following shapes are available today:

and sliced.

Leccino olive trees are
grown in east coast of Abruzzo, Molise and
Puglia region.

This area primarily includes the towns of
, Cupello,
Racale and Lecce.