• Cerignola Olives,also called Belle di Puglia.

Olive Bars

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... Giant green Cerignola olives are the biggest and most beautiful Italian olives. These olives are aged according to the processing method called “Sevillanum”. There are several synonyms for this cultivar: Barilotto, Cerignolese, Grossa di Spagna, Lunga, Oliva a ciuccio, Oliva a prugna, Oliva di Spagna, Oliva manna, Oliva dell’asino, Prone, Prugne and Spagnola.

The whole shape only is available today (with pit).

Cerignola olive trees are grown in lowland, where temperature is always over 0 °C; along the Ofanto Valley where the Ofanto river flows:
Cerignola, Stornara, Stornarella, Orta Nova, San Ferdinando di Pugliaand Trinitapoli. The best suited lands to the cultivation of this cultivar are of limestone, siliceous and clay.