Olive Bars

  • Safety (COVID-19 ALERT)
    Studies confirm the disease spreads with droplets released by nose and mouth. Transmission is possible only through direct contact with the surfaces where the droplets land.
  • Store Footprint
    Valuable retail space missed for cross-merchandising.
  • Labor
    Deli managers waste time and money to setup, refresh and take down.
"belle di natura, buone di Ficacci"

e qualcuno si sarà sicuramente chiesto il perché, vi sveliamo l’arcano: le olive "belle" si trovano sugli alberi ma non si possono gustare, per diventare "buone" la Ficacci le lavora con il classico metodo artigianale. Ancora oggi la Ficacci e i suoi collaboratori lavorano per portare sulle tavole olive "belle" ma soprattutto "buone".

Our claim?

Naturally fine, good by Ficacci.
... and if you wonder why, we can solve the mystery: the fine olives are on the trees, and we at Ficacci’s make them good by processing them according to a classic “artisan” method. Just like 50 years ago, we commit ourselves to serveing nice and good olives above all else.