Olive Bars

  • Safety (COVID-19 ALERT)
    Studies confirm the disease spreads with droplets released by nose and mouth. Transmission is possible only through direct contact with the surfaces where the droplets land.
  • Store Footprint
    Valuable retail space missed for cross-merchandising.
  • Labor
    Deli managers waste time and money to setup, refresh and take down.
BRC CERTIFICATE British Reatil Consortium Global Standard - Food
Achieved GRADE: AA+

The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 5 is for any supplier, regardless of product or country of origin, that supplies food products to UK retailers. BRC Certification is not a legal requirement but it has been highly recommended by UK retailers. To comply with BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, the food suppliers and manufacturer must adopt three main criteria in their management systems:
-Adoption and implementation of HACCP;
-Documented and effective quality management system;
-Control of factory environment standards, products, processes and personnel.