Olive BiologicheOrganic Olives

Olive Bars

  • Safety (COVID-19 ALERT)
    Studies confirm the disease spreads with droplets released by nose and mouth. Transmission is possible only through direct contact with the surfaces where the droplets land.
  • Store Footprint
    Valuable retail space missed for cross-merchandising.
  • Labor
    Deli managers waste time and money to setup, refresh and take down.
... i consumatori che scelgono di passare alle olive biologiche realizzano una scelta fondamentale per la loro salute. I frutti ottenuti attraverso un processo organico sono un prodotto garantito naturale che non contiene ne sostanze tossiche ne pesticidi ne OGM ...
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…Customers switching to organic olives accomplish a lifestyle decision that greatly protects their health. Fruits obtained through an organic process are a guaranteed product that do not contain toxic adulterants or pesticides or GMO
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