Olive dolci denocciolateSweet pitted Olives

Olive Bars

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Le vere olive DOLCI finalmente denocciolate, le Olive Nocellara del Belice (Castel Vetrano), con il loro sapore unico, dopo diverse ricerche e studi... >>> continua a leggere sul nostro sito dedicato alle olive dolci denocciolate

The pitted authentic Castel Vetrano sweet Sicilian green Olives are now availble! The
Nocellara del Belice Olives have a unique flavour that every consumer
loves and looks for after the first taste. After many years of research
work carried out by our R&D department, we found the solution to pit
this dainty, extremely delicate and tasty Olive...>>> continue reading on our Sweet pitted Castel Vetrano olives web-site