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Olive Bars

  • Safety (COVID-19 ALERT)
    Studies confirm the disease spreads with droplets released by nose and mouth. Transmission is possible only through direct contact with the surfaces where the droplets land.
  • Store Footprint
    Valuable retail space missed for cross-merchandising.
  • Labor
    Deli managers waste time and money to setup, refresh and take down.
Ficacci Olive, società alimentare che attraverso l’utilizzo dei più diffusi social network, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus continua a estendere la propria rete di relazioni commerciali, ha da poco aggiunto LinkedIn canale che permette di estendere le proprie relazioni professionali. Ficacci Olive ritiene che correttamente utilizzati, i social media, possano essere uno strumento efficace per legare il marchio con il messaggio e di ricevere feedback veloci su prodotti e su promozioni. Segui Ficacci Olive su Linkedin, entra nella rete.

As a company engaged with food processing, Ficacci Olive is continuously building an extensive business network through the most usual and common social network: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and since a couple of weeks with LinkedIn, a structure mainly used for professional networking. Ficacci Olive believes that properly used, social media, can be an effective tool to tie carefully the messaging with the brand, to receive fast enough feedbacks on products and promotions. Follow Ficacci Olive on Linkedin, be part of the network.