Olives are very healty!
Olives are very healty!

9 reasons to eat black olives daily. Both black and green olives have lots of benefits. Olive oil and olives are the healthiest food in the world ... read more

Olives prevent diabetes. Olives, oil and other products derived from this fruit contain substances that facilitate weight loss and prevent the development of diabetes... read more

Olives protect the heart. Olives are a great source of monoinate fat, oleic acid. Oleic acid helps lower blood pressure, reducing the chance of cardiovascular complications and system stress... read more

Table olives, a medicine for our immune system. According to the research of the European Probiolives Project, pickled olives are an important source of good bacilli, antioxidants and mineral salts... read more

Eat olives and stay fit. Contrary to what is believed, green or black olives can become valuable allies even to lose weight or not accumulate fats... read more